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Savini wheels - awful quality

I bought Savini forged wheels for my Ram 1500 2013 - SV 50 Savini, in 2 (!) months of usage the crome went off! Each wheel costs 1200 USD + shipping to Russia. Chinese wheels I used to have on another car (chrome) were ok for 4 years in the same conditions.

When I first saw Savini wheels here in Russia I noticed little imperfections on chrome surface, Savini guys assuared me that I'll be fine:

I think you should be ok.. However the wheel does come with a 1 year warranty to cover any kind of defects

Now they do not want to make another pack of wheels for me, only paint them for me, and I have to pay for shipping back and forth - it costs a lot!!!! as I am in Russia. and what is more they sent wrong nuts (from ford), broken central cap, and made them for twice longer than promised!!

So, if you want to save your money NEVER buy Savini forged wheels!!!

Savini last proposal was to make a brand new set of wheels whith 40% discount + I pay for shipping I can't believe that, I think I will make a web site with the whole story...

It was $4800 + shipping + customs clearance 6500 USD I guess!!

Discussion on Ram Forum:

Today is february 2017 - still savini wheels company didn't contact me to change my wheels, so I've lost a lot of many and have to use my previous pack of wheels. They don't try to help me, they get my money and after that they don't care, as I am in Russia, their warranty can't be used.
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